Project HTH


A project to teach about homelessness, it's causes and ways to help.

What really happened

There are way too many homeless people around the world, we want to help by teaching society about the subject and ways to help.

Why This Game?

According to CEPAL, Latin America has around 71 million persons living in extreme poverty and homelessness situations. Social experiments are showing that only 2 of every 10 persons even try to do something to help homeless when they see them at the street. When you ask people about what they think are the main causes of homelessness, the most common reply you get is 'addictions', which is certainly not true, and even if it was, it has been proven that most addictions are no more than symptoms to other problems, most persons considered as addicts use them as a way to escape their problems, even more, these persons, have asked and yelled for help many many times before finding themselves in this kind of situations. There is a lot of discrimination towards homelessness driven by a general lack of information and understanding of the many different causes leading to social issues. This is why it is so important to educate society about the causes of social problems, but also teach them about the many ways each member of society can help in order to solve social issues. We firmly believe in the potential of videogames to create social change, so we decided to start working on a 3D simulation videogame representing some of the situations commonly found in readl life that envetually drive a person to homelessness, but not only that, we use the game to teach about effective ways to help.

Game Story

You will find yourselve confronting some of the many different difficult situations people live which eventually lead them to homelessness. You will have to find the way to help yourself and others in society.

Programmed Features

  • NPCs Walk following a preconfigured path
  • NPCs responses depending on several factores such as Employment Status, and Relationship Quality
  • Day/Night Cycle
  • Energy reduction over time
  • Donate and Rob(steal) money actions on NPCs
  • Receive donations from NPCs depending on relationship quality

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