Small videogame created for Ludum Dare 32, along our friends at Frame 3 Studio in Costa Rica. See this. link

What really happened

We joined Ludum Dare 32. A game jam

Game Story

It was during the last days of the winter feast on the glorious Valhalla temple, while in Midgar mankind slept on the care of the almighty Gods. Odin felt a roar in his eternal belly, as the hunger attacked his guts. Odin took from his plate a large pork chop seasoned with thyme and berries. The pork chop went down Odin's throat, filling itself with the life that came from the eternal one, transforming the piece of meat into a powerful hero. Armed with a silver axe, Porkin the Tasty, the not digested, fought the specters of hunger that claimed Odin's stomach; cutting through waves of his enemies, until Odin's belly was at peace once again. Through the ages, the song of Porkin is sang and his memory lives on...

Programmed Features

  • Damage System
  • Enemy Spawn

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