Zephyr 2D


Zephyr is a young lady inhabitant of Chaos Land, the only place in earth where humans are free of the dominant species: "The Animals". Everyone thinks it is normal, the truth of history has been lost in time(...is it really lost?), but our young hero feels something is not right and has spent most of her life researching on history books, trying to get the a clue, without any luck...yet. Time has come for our little hero, to solve the mysteries and find the truth lost in time.


In Development


We release concept builds so you can play and let us know what you'd like too see in the game

How to play

Movement: Arrow Keys Attack: Press the key with the indicated number or click on the button.
Click on this link to play

What really happened

A drastic accident by humans negligence ended up in a catastrophic global radiation wave. It did not kill the inhabitants of the world, but instead, caused humans to become primitives, and increased animals natural abilities, gave them the ability to talk reasoning. 3000 years have already passed since that accident, humans have evolved from primitives...again...but this time they are the hunted ones, without even having memories of they one being the dominant species in earth.


Zephyr 2D Game Script

Programmed Features

  • Cross platform input: Keyboard, Mouse, Touch
  • Health and Damage System
  • Experience Points and Leveling System
  • Multiple Enemies attack
  • Enemies behavior: Follow Player
  • Battle mechanics

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