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PTI is the company that build the solutions for your needs. We have experience in serveral fields of technology and we use that knowledge to give you the best services.

Eduardo Fonseca, our CEO always had the desire to become a videogame developer. When he had to choose his field of study Costa Rica had no programs focusing on teaching game development, so Eduardo decided to become a Software Engineer, since this field would give Eduardo the knowledge he needed to learn game development by himself. For around 10 years Eduardo worked in several companies in different fields such as Banking, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Facility Management, but he never stopped studying video game development. With the passing of the years Eduardo has seen the many problems that exist in societies(poverty, homelessness, discrimination, among others), and he wants to help, but he knew in order to help fix any problem, you need to know it's causes, so Eduardo decided to start studying Psychology, in order to understand human behavior, root causes of problems in society and learn techniques on how to help. Eduardo then decided to use his knowledge and skills to try create a better society, by incursioning in game development, focusing on what is called "games for change" and "serious games"

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