Custom Application Development Services

Custom Application Development

What is "Custom Application Development Services"?

With our Custom Application Development Services we help you create the solutions you need for your business.

Let's say you have an idea or a business need, we then help you turn it into software solutions.

We can help you with custom reporting dashboards, systems integration, business processes automation, performance optimization, cloud-based services, or upgrade your current systems to the latest technologies.

Who is the service for?

This service is designed for higher education entities, ONGs, and small business requiring to create software solutions, specific for their unique business needs.

Why Custom Application Development Services?

There are plenty of reasons why a companies require to create custom applications.

In today's world, it is vital for businesses to take advatange of technology in order to be able to maximize their operations efficiency Taking advantage of technology not only means using technology, but also to stay updated.

There are many companies which have very old systems which need to be updated to the latest technologies and protected against security threats. Some other companies have grown and their curent systems are simply not enough, other companies want to reduce their costs and automate business process in order to become more efficient, or just want to create tools to make their job life easier.

Many businesses have used packaged solutions which have become obsolote, forcing them to find alternatives which could be used for many more years.

It is widely known that today's latest technology could become obsolete in no time, nowadays companies look for scalable and extensible software solutions and architectures, which allow them enough flecibility to grow further, and reduce costs and implementation times.

Some companies do not trust packaged solutions or want to have absolute control and ownership of the product development, including source code.

Other companies want custom solutions as part of their strategy to have an edge in their industry and maintain their competivity advantage, since they have more control of what their custom product can do and how the product works.

By developing custom solutions you have more control and flexibility on the development cycle, bug fixing and testing scenarios.


We have an initial meeting where you let us know about the current problem you want to solve and the results you want to achieve. We analyze your business need and current business process, and we verify we are all in the same page.

We then start working towards an initial draft for a proposal and we share it with you so we all can discuss it further, make the necesarry arrangements untill there all doubts and concerns have been solved, and we have agreed on the initial plan of action.

Once everything is setup we start working on implementing an initial Proof of Concept, to validate some of the technical desitions in key areas.

We understand business needs could change at any point and we know software is iterative, so we use agile methodologies with 15 minute meetings every weekday, 1 release every friday, and one detailed status meeting every monday, we do everything in our power to have effective meetings while reducing dead times in development due to meetings.

We use technologies such as Visual Studio Team System, C#, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365, Visual Studio 2015, SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, .NET 4.5 and higher, MVC 5 and Higher.

When helping you creating the software solutions for your business needs, we procure to create componentss which can be reused for your future projects, this way helping minimize costs and increasing your productivity with faster developments in the future and scalable solutions.

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