Custom Game Development

Custom VideoGame Development

What is Custom Videogame Development?

Custom Game Development is the process in which we help you create a videogame based on your requirements and/or ideas. It is similar to Custom Software Development, in that the videogame is specifically created following your requirements and needs. Custom Development is usually performed to solve specific problems that generally available software can't perform or don't solve them in the way you need.

Let's say you have a social impact idea or an objective you want to accomplish. We help you in all the phases of the Videogame Development Pipeline

  • Phase 1: Concept In this phase we help you validate your idea and establish a social impact objective based on your idea, in case you don't have one already defined. In this phase we do with you an initial brainstorming to further defined your idea, and create a list of derived ideas, we help you find other games which may be usefull as a source for reference and ideas.

  • Phase 2: Pre-Production In this phase we hep you create the storyline, storyboards, and the Game Design Document, this document has information such as Game Title, Logos, Concept Art, Characters Personality, Game Objectives, Assets required, Project Duration, Estimated Costs and more, it is basically the document which will work as the guide to follow by all the team members, and will ensure all members are in the same page, working towards the same objective, and that every party understand the process.

  • Phase 3: Production Here we do one more check of the Game Design Document, we verify all parties involved are in the same page and that there is an agreement on desicions taken. Once we are ready to continue, we start building the game and keep in touch with you so you can track the progress.

  • Phase 4: Post-Production In this phase we make sure all the game features are complete, and that the game has the final art (no place holder elements for code or art). Once that happens, we release an Alpha version of the game, for testing. Once all of the bugs and major flaws are fixed, we release a beta version, since the beta version is more stable than the alpha, here we apply heavier testing scenarios and help you verify all standards and regultions have been met. Once all bug are fixed, the final version of the game is released. After releasing the game we help you publish it.

    It does not matter if you only have a notion of what you want to do, we can help you develop it further.

    We help you creating videogames for:

    • Desktop
    • Android
    • Web

Who is the service for?

The services applies for ONGs and Higher Education entities such as Universities, looking to Drive Social Change.

Why Videogames?

It is well known that many social issues exist around the globe and that not all efforts are working. According CEPAL just in Latin America, 167 million persons where living in poverty conditions in 2014, 71 million being in extreme poverty or homelessness.

In addition to that there is a common misconception about the root causes of social issues, specially homelessness, many persons claim the root cause is addictions, which is certainly not true, since it has been proven that most addictions are no more than symptoms to other problems, and most people considered as addicts, have asked and yelled for help many many times before finding themselves in these unfortunate situations.

By educating society members on the many different causes of social problems, you can give them the tools to be able to help in a more efficient way, after all, they say knowledge is power.

Videogames are a perfect tool to educate because of their ability to create player immersions and the unlimited possibilities to simulate real life situations in a safe environment.

Videogames have a lot of uses beyond just entertainment, they can be used to create employee engagement inside a company, to train employees, games can also be used a a tool for advertising, or a tool to assist in therapies of many different kinds. One of the most common known uses of video games beyond entertainment is for educational purposes, especifically games for kids education. Games can also be used to create awareness about social issues. Serious Games and Games For Change are examples of using videogames beyond entertainment.


Our videogames are created with Unity 3d Game Engine, using Visual Studio and C# for programming and debugging, we also use Visual Studio Team Services as a code repository and work tracking solution.

We use tools such as 3ds max for 3d modeling and animation, Substance Painter as a 3D Painting app for textures, including PBR(Physical Based Rendering) For web based videogames or games functionality which require consuming some form of custom server, we use Microsoft Azure.

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