What is our hosting service "Hosting"?

It is a service where we help you host your applications, websites, servers and services in the cloud, in efficient and cost-effective scenarios. With our hosting services you can avoid capital expenses of purchasing new server hardware, easily scale up and down your servers capacity according to your needs, easily backup your data, quickly deploy and tests applications and more.

Who use it?

Owr hosting services are designed for SMBs looking to quickly provision Virtual Machines, applications, add infrastructure from anywhere in the world, who want to have better control of their budget by only paying for what they use.


By hosting your website with us you can get up to a 99.95% SLA (Service Level Agreement) and up to a 99.99% SLA for your databases. You can also get monitoring dashboards so you can check your costs and usages. For SMBs having local servers means a lot of work and preocupations such as: server capacity, cost, server room physical space, backup tapes, network setup, bandwidth, ISP helth, among others, with cloud solutions you stop can stop worrying about all of these problems and focus on what is more important for the business


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