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What is "email migration services"?

We help you move your current emails, contacts and calendars to Exhcange Online in Microsoft Office 365. By moving migrating to Exchange Online you can access email anywhere, anytime, from many different devices. You are able to access your email through a web portal, and through mobile apps from your Android, iOS, and Windows phone devices.

Who is the service for?

This services is designed for small business looking for high quality email providers, access email anywhere, anytime, from any device, or reduce costs by removing their self-hosted email server.

Why email migration services?

Many business have unfortunate experiences with their current email providers or self-host email servers. Some of the problems you usually find are server failure, slow server response, security threats, no spam or malware filters, no antivirus, and many more. By moving to Microsoft Office 365, you are moving to a Trusted Cloud which has strict security policies, and server redundancy.


  • We first have an initial meeting to understand your current needs.
  • We create a proposal based on your business needs, along with a recommended plan of action, which includes a Health Check.
  • Once we all have agreed with the plan of action, we proceed to perform a Health Check to validate if there any systems which would require additional work, such as upgrading to a newers OS version.
  • Once the health check is performed and desitions have been taken around these results, we proceed doing a pre-migration, which will migrate(copy) most of your emails to the new server, but won't change DNS records, this way you avoid service interruption.
  • Once the pre-migration is finished, we proceed to updated your DNS records to setup Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365 as your email server.
  • Once that is done we proceed to do a full-pass migration which will migrate the pending emails.

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