Video Game Creation

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What is "Video Game Creation"?

In addition to our "Videogame Development Courses", we offer individual mentoring. With our Video Game Creation Tutoring services we offer you help in the process by personalizing our services based on your needs. Let's say you have a game you are working on, but even after learning about game development you are still blocked and feel unable to continue, or you just need assitance, we can help you understand where the blocks are, and we guide you through the development of your games with hourly sessions.

Who is the service for?

This service is for everyone who wants to create videogames but need inidivdual assistance.

Whi Videogames?

There are many persons who have given up or are in the way to do so on videogame development. This is driven by multiple causes such as lack of support from peers, feeling overwhelmed, their source of learning not adapted to their learning style, and many more. Some persons also like to have someone who is constantly pushing them.


You let us know you need individual tutoring. We ask you for details to better understand what is blocking you and in order to create a plan of action specifically for your needs. We propose an action plan and schedule based on your availabilty. Once you approve the plan we confirm it to you, and begin executing it based on the agreed plan of action.

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