Game Development Courses

Game Development Training

What is "Game Development Courses"?

In order to create videogames it is required to learn how to do it, Video Game Development Courses is an initiative to engage more persons in the world of Game Development in Costa Rica

The videogame industry in Costa Rica is still a young industry and it is important to support it. One of the ways we ware looking to support it is by training new game developers not only in technical skills but also in entrepreneurship, and in the many different uses videogames can have, beyond pure entertainment.

In Costa Rica there are many persons who want to create videogames but do not know where to start, some just can't afford professional studies or online trainings, in addition to that many of these persons are spanish-only speakers, which heavily reduces their chances to learn online. This is a free test service, designed to democratize the Game Development learning in Costa Rica, as a means to grow further the local industry.

This service works as a social network where we share content, experience, tips, where users can ask questions and improve their learning experience.

This group is actually divided in 2 subgroups, one for spanish only speakers, and another one for persons who speak english.

In this group we not only teach about game development and everything that it involves, but we also share what we know about business, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, social networking and more, related to videogames.

This additional teaching about business and entrepreneurship is because we know the videogame industry in Costa Rica is still a young industry, and having been employees in the past and being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how difficult it is to create a company, so we want to help as much as we can, we firmly believe that helping other is the key for everyone's success.

You don't need to have any knowledge in creating videogames. All you need is the will and passion for creating videogames. We can help teaching you about all the steps involved in the videogames creation. We teach you to use some of the tools which are available and involved in the process of videogames creation. And we help you create your first videogame.

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Who is the service for?

This service is oriented to citizens of Costa Rica, who want to learn about videogame development, and is is very useful for persons who want to create their companies in Video Game Development, who also need help learning about entrepreneurship, customer research, digital marketing, and more related to videogame development.

Why videogames?

We want as much persons as possible learn about game development and entrepreneurship, even if they can't afford professional training. In addition to that we see this kind of services as a mean with enourmous potential to heavily reduce unemployment.


You first request access to our social network channel, then we communicate with you to better understand what you are looking for, what you want to learn, your level of expertise, and we make sure to include your needs among our plans.

We also make sure you are a serious persons who really want to learn about game development, but more important, that you do share our vision of helping other succeed.

We validate which languages you speak.

Once everything is setup and ready, we invite you to join the group which will better adapt to your profile.

Once you have joined the group you will be able to see the feeds you have access to, the resources we share, ask and reply questions, request for new topics you may be interested in.

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