Development with Purpose

Development with Purpose

Our products and services have the inherent purpose of helping making the world a better place.

We create products oriented to have a positive social impact.

Our products are built with the concept of “Fair Play”, meaning they are designed as tools to help entrepreneurs create their own business.

FairPlay Initiative

An initiative with the goal of helping persons in need of additional sources of income. The FairPlay is composed of a set of Open Source platforms.


An Open Source Social Network platform in the lines of Mastodon


An Open Source Video Sharing platform making easier for entrepreneur, content creators and content consumers to make a living by using the platform. Visit the link and select the FairPlayTube tier to get access to the code


(Coming Soon)

A cross-platform condominium administrator system making it easier to manage multiple condominiums, access to amenities, scheduling events and more


(Coming Soon)

A multi-platform dating system, making it easier for users to find a match while also helping them feel safe.


(Coming Soon)

A multi-platform system making it easier for bloggers to make a living with their content.


Let people know they can sign up to your audience and receive updates, or learn more about a product or service.

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