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Migrate to cloud, reduce your costs, expand your reach, and make better use of your budget

PTI Costa Rica is the company that build the solutions for your needs. We have experience in serveral fields of technology and we use that knowledge to give you the best services

PTI Costa Rica is a Games & Cloud Development company which works with the latest Microsoft technologies.

Our main goal is to use technology and videogames to create positive impact in society.

We help High Education, Nonprofit and SMBs reduce their costs and improve their productivity by leveraging the power of cloud solutions, and we help society developing serious games, but more specifically games for change

Office 365 - Cloud Productivity

Microsoft Office 365 is a set of productivity applications and services which allow you to become more productive, spend less money, reduce dead times, protect your data and more. We can help you with automated mailbox migration, automated data migration, and more.

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Office 365 - Data Backup

Data loss is a problem many companies have, traditionally only big companies were able to afford viable data loss prevention technologies, that's not the case anymore, we help you levarage the potential of the trusted Microsoft Cloud Services to protect your data.

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Videogames - Training & Development

With our Game Development services we can help you turn your ideas into videogames, we can also help you learn how to create videogames. We have our game development tutoring services where we offer personalized tutoring specific for your project and team.

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Custom Application Development

Software is more than just code, it required analysis, an architecture which allows for scalability, performance, and security considerations. We help you through all the stages of development so that you get the best results, reduce your costs and more.

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